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The moment has finally arrived! It's the beginning of Black Sapote season,
aka 'chocolate pudding fruit'! Here in South Florida we received our first cold front, which felt great as we were harvesting some massive chocolate persimmons.



Yes, this fruit goes by many names! It is actually in the persimmon family and looks just like chocolate pudding when fully ripe. The fruit is only edible when it becomes extremely soft. The skin begins to slightly darken as it becomes translucent revealing the chocolate like pulp. 



Black sapote is full of medium sized seeds, normally 5-10 seeds in each fruit. They are not edible and should be saved for sowing and growing. The seeds in this fruit are easily removed and germinate quite readily. 



Black sapote lets you know when to harvest it with a subtle change in appearance. The crown on the top of the fruit slightly lifts up and away from the fruit itself. This is the indication that the fruit has reached maturity and will ripen after being picked from the tree. Unlike other fruits that change color, black sapote does not change color until it is very soft and ready to eat.



Now the fun part is waiting until the fruit is ripe enough to eat. We like to place out all our fruit on a counter top and inspect them daily. A fruit can quite rapidly go from firm to soft, especially a black sapote. When ideally ripe it will be easily indent-able with a slight press and may even slightly leak a dark nectar. At that point, the fruit is ready to be consumed or processed. Even the skin of the fruit is edible and nutritious!



You now have ripe black sapote, but how should you eat it? Well, that's up to you. It can be eaten out of hand like an apple, skin and all or it can be eaten like pudding with a spoon. It can even can be turned into a frozen dessert such as ice cream by freezing the pulp. Let us know if you have experienced eating this wonderful fruit and what is your favorite way to enjoy it. 


Rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron and more. Black sapote is nothing short of a superfood that is guaranteed to give your body a boost of energy with powerful nutrition! Eating healthy can be fun and enjoyable! 



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